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Those who regularly sweat in the sauna swear by their positive effects on health, attractiveness and well-being. We explain how the sauna actually works on body and soul and give you 9 good reasons why a visit to the sauna makes you healthy, beautiful and younger.

The sauna is closed in summer!

Sauna heat, cooling down

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What makes the sauna healthy

Once you are in the sauna room, your circulation will operate at a high performance level. They get – purely physically – in stress, corresponding stress hormones are distributed. Your blood vessels are widening, your heart is beating faster. Your blood pressure drops. In order to supply blood to all the organs of your body, your heart now has to work more.

Sauna will strengthen your body's defense

The sauna-typical alternation of hot (sweating) and cold (cooling) is said to have a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system. At the same time it reduces inflammatory processes in your body. An optimally placed defense leaves pathogens no chance - the sauna thus prevents infections such as colds & Co. sustainably.

Sauna brings your circulation up to speed

The repeated temperature changes in the sauna also have a stimulating effect on your circulation. Regular sauna sessions would thus become cardiovascular training, which improves your body's oxygen supply. According to a study by the University of Eastern Finland, regular visits to the sauna should be particularly effective in protecting against sudden cardiac death and other cardiac risks.

Sauna increases the life expectancy

According to the clinically relevant study of the University of Eastern Finland just mentioned, those who regularly go to the sauna should also be able to count on higher life expectancy - although the study was unable to prove why this is so.

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